Semiology Little notes and observasions about life in general.

Thursday, December 16, 2004 :::
Another grey day... aniticipating Xmas to come. But why not today is not an exciting day? Why not 'carpe diem?'
It's going to be another quiet day with a certain routine to follow. Is routine good? Probably yes, to a certain extent at least. But how much space the routine and the daily tasks - both work and home related - leave for real forward progres. Routine tasks are not so routinely identical in every day. Maybe the routine might improve and evolve. But what about a big leap in progress. Or why progressing at all? Is progress, evolution and development inherent to the human nature? How much space the survival and maintainance insticts and tasks leave for pure thinking? Or all aspects of life are part of the same evolutionary process?

::: posted by Vangelis at 1:03 AM


Little notes and observasions about life in general.

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